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Marcelo C. P. Diniz
Communications Consultant
Belo Horizonte | Rio de Janeiro | São Paulo | Brasília

Profissional Experience

Marcelo C. P. Diniz, is a renowned consultant for advertising agencies, as well as public- and private-sector companies in Brazil. He was elected Communications Professional of the Year in 1998 by ABP – Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies.

Academic Experience

Lectured marketing and communication for graduate students at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, Fundação Getulio Vargas e Fundação Dom Cabral.

Published Books

O Capital Moral ou a Falta Dele (The Moral Capital and its Absence)

Crônicas de um bipolar (Chronicles of a Bipolar)

Será a Propaganda Culpada? (Is Advertising the Culprit?)

Marketing sem complicação (Marketing Without Complication)

Public Sector Planning

Wrote the basic rationale and communication strategy for 18 winning agency-of-record RFPs requested by: BNDES, Caixa Econômica Federal, State of Rio de Janeiro (twice), Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment, Brazil’s Ministry of Labor and Employment, Incra, Infraero, CNI (twice), Embratur, Furnas, State Secretary of Communications of Minas Gerais (SECOM-MG), State of Rio Grande do Norte, FIRJAN, City of Campos, and City of Natal, and SEBRAE-RO.

Authored the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil promotional plan for Brazil’s Ministry of Sports to be executed in Brazil and abroad.

Political Marketing

Planned and managed two winning election campaigns for Andrea Gouvêa Vieira, Rio de Janeiro Councilwoman.

Directed fund raising programs for Marina Silva’s presidential campaign in Rio de Janeiro (2010).

Private Sector Planning

Drafted communication strategies for winning agency-of-record RFPs requested by: Telefonica, Bradesco Seguros, American Online, Sul America Capitalização, and Multiplan.

Managed the communication efforts of leading companies such as: Vale, CSN, Light (crisis management), Petróleo Ipiranga, and IBM.

Created the new branding and advertising campaign for Concreto, a construction company from Belo Horizonte, in collaboration with João Bosco Franco and Juliana Marques Swenson (

Planned and executed a successful new marketing, public relations, and advertising campaign for Hotel das Cataratas in Foz do Iguaçu in collaboration with Juliana Marques Swenson.

Institutional Performance

Served eleven years as a consultant for ABAP – Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies, for whom he created the campaign “Melhores Agências de Comunicação para Trabalhar” (Best Communications Agencies to Work For) in collaboration with ABAP / Great Place to Work / Meio & Mensagem, and the support of ABA, ABP, and FENAPRO.


Assisted Aroldo Araújo Comunicação in the worldwide campaign to elect Christ the Redeemer as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Marcelo’s outstanding work captured the interest of the event’s biggest sponsors: Bradesco Seguros and Dufry.

Sales and Promotions:

Sales and Promotions at Cia. Souza Cruz:

Sales district manager in the east section of Minas Gerais for four years, during wich he was able to increase the company’s market share from 86% to 94.

Product manager of promotional items of Hollywood Sport Line for three years, executing Brazil’s first big brand diversification effort.

Executive of point-of-sale merchandising for two years.

Executive of events promotion for three years.

International Approval

Dear Marcelo,

Thank you for your interest in colleagueship with Pathways To Peace, and for your superlative ideas about the International Day of Peace (IDP). I found your ideas profound, clear, practical and inspirational. I shared them with colleagues at the United Nations, and discussed them this morning with Marilyn King. We are all very enthusiastic about working together for this IDP and beyond.

This letter formally welcomes you and your organization as a Participating Organization in the “WE THE PEOPLES” INITIATIVE! It is a great honor to welcome you and your organization to this community of PeaceBuilders. We send you, your family, and your organization our infinite appreciation and blessings.

In the Spirit of Peace,

Avon Mattison
President, Pathways To Peace


Coordinating the creation of sustainability indicators for communications agencies. (

Entrepreneurship / Licensing

During the 80s, in partnership with Koch Tavares, Marcelo created and marketed The Halleys—comic and cartoon characters inspired by the Comet Halley’s return to earth. The project generated US$10 million in sales of licensed products to major consumer-product companies such as Editora Abril, Club Med, Hering, Melhoramentos, Iogurtes Yoplait, Petybon, H. Stern, Mesbla, and Lojas Americanas. The project’s success caused a nationwide media buzz in some of the country’s largest media outlets like Rede Globo de Televisão, Jornal O Globo, and Folha de São Paulo.

For Koch Tavares, Marcelo created Hollywood Vôlei, after which beach volleyball was made official by the International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB), having its first world championship in 1987 at Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro.